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Do you have old throw pillows laying around that don’t really match anything? With a stencil and some paint you can transform them into chic home accents. Spruce up your home decor this season and knock the socks of your holiday guests with this fun and simple stenciled throw pillow cover!  

Match your tree skirt to your favorite color palette or create a funky personal design with a custom stencil! Sometimes it can be impossible to find a tree skirt that either matches your interior decor or speaks to your personality, so why not make one!

Get creative when wrapping your holiday gifts! These small sized burlap tote bags are perfect for gift cards, coffee mugs, ornaments, and much more. For less than $10.00 and ten minutes, you can show off your crafty side this holiday season. 

Looking to make some unique Christmas gifts for your family, coworkers, or friends? Try making some stenciled stockings & spread some holiday cheer! For this weeks stencil project we decided to make some stockings for all the stencil elves at Stencils Online/iStencils!

Adorn your home with something other than Christmas decorations this holiday season. Often times, Thanksgiving day trimmings are overlooked as there isn’t much of a selection. However, with a few quick and easy steps, everyone at your dinner table will be admiring your adorable and festive creation.