NEW:The Moon and The Maker Art Stencils

NEW:The Moon and The Maker Art Stencils

Posted by iStencils on Nov 23rd 2019

We are super excited to welcome Kristen Powers (aka Kae Pea) to the iStencils family! Over the past few months, Kae Pea and the iStencils team have been working hard and have come up with an amazing line of stencils that you are certain to LOVE! These fun, whimsy, and charming stencil designs will be the perfect addition to your stencil collection.

From Kae Pea:

My love of mixed media started at a very early age when I was four and decided to get into my mom’s oil pastels and melt each one down the wall heater. It was a beautiful puddle of rainbow colors. I have been playing with art supplies and color ever since!


I have designed hundreds of rubber stamps for my own company, Rubbermoon Art Stamps and creating the line of stencils with iStencils is a dream come true.


Making tools for makers to make with makes me so happy! I hope that when you get your hands on these stencils, they make you happy too.

Now go to your studio and play.





Kae Pea stencils are currently available in two sizes:




Explore the full collection of the moon and the maker art stencil line! Find out more about Kae Pea by visinting about Kae Pea.



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Happy Stenciling- iStencils