About BadAss Stencils

About Andrea O'Donnell & BadAss Stencils

Andrea O'Donnell has been creating beauty in various forms for over 25 years. Shortly after earning her license in cosmetology at 18, she discovered that makeup was her passion and immediately embarked upon a successful freelance career that holds steady and strong to this day. In 2004, after more than a decade of working primarily with runway fashion shows, special events and weddings in the salon/spa industry, Andrea combined her love of paint, art and color with her skill, experience and knowledge in makeup artistry, and began focusing on creative, intensely colorful makeup and body paint applications for editorial shoots, studio projects and live events.


In 2010 Andrea designed and launched Bad Ass Stencils, a line of multi-tasking tools created specifically for body painters, which quickly became one of the most popular products in the face and body art world. Today, the Bad Ass Stencils brand is sold all over the globe, and includes various expansion products such as Bad Ass Minis, Bad Ass Brows and Half Ass Stencils, each designed to fit the needs of various individual artists including face painters, makeup artists, haunters, crafters, home decorators, automotive and graphic artists, just to name a few.


Andrea’s knack for successfully combining the traditional with the not-so- traditional in the world of makeup has led to a very interesting and fulfilling career which provides her with opportunities to travel, work with celebrities and share her passion with others all around the world. Her work has been published numerous times both nationally and internationally, and she has been honored with many awards for her art, including multiple First Place and People's Choice wins at the 2009, 2011 and 2012 Face and Body Art International Conventions among others, but through all of these successes, her goals have remained the same; To bring awareness to and represent body painting as a valid art form, to help all artists work smarter, not harder, and most importantly to always “Do what you love, and love what you do!”


If you would like to host Andrea to teach a workshop or demonstration, or speak at a trade show, seminar or other event, or provide her artistic services for any purpose, please email her directly at MUAndrea@gmail.com or visit: www.AndreaODonnell.com


Want exciting airbrush stencils at great prices? Want something elegant and eye-catching? Or perhaps you won't be airbrushing but want stencils that are crazy creative, fun and on-trend? Then Bad Ass Stencils are for you!

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