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About Robyn McClendon


From Robyn:

I am a mixed media artist and a Gypsetter. I love to travel as it provides me with an incredible amount of inspiration for my work! I studied Paper making, Printmaking and Bookbinding in the tradition of Apprenticing as these disciplines were dying art forms in the 80's and only being revived by artists. I subsequently taught in Universities and Museum systems as an Adjunct Professor, often times setting up the programs in the Art Departments of these Schools nationally, as the discipline of Book as Art was becoming recognized as a significant art form. I also developed and taught in the Book Binding department at the Smithsonian Institution. I have exhibited widely nationally and internationally. I discovered the Gelli plate 9 years ago, and found it to be the perfect studio tool to bring my passions together without the expensive set up of a traditional printmaking studio. Plus it travels easy!  My goal was to develop high quality techniques to encourage it's use by artists of all disciplines.

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