Spring Easter Bunny Pillow

Spring Easter Bunny Pillow

Posted by Becca S. on Nov 23rd 2019

Here in New Hampshire, it's been a long winter with lots of snow and cold days, and we can't wait for SPRING! If you feel the same way, why not add a bit of color to your décor with this fun Easter Bunny pillow. The colors will warm your home (or office) and chase away the winter blues.


Supplies Used: 



To create your own Bunny Pillow:


First you want to pick out your favorite design from our iStencils collection of Easter stencils.   

 Start with applying the spray adhesive to the back of the stencil and then press it down onto the pillow cover. Make sure to allow ample time for the spray adhesive to get a bit tacky. (If you stick the stencil on too early, it could leave a residue on the fabric.)


I chose to stencil my pillow with multiple bright spring colors, but you can choose whichever color palette that fits your style. With a dry stencil brush, I started applying the paint by tapping up and down with only a little bit of paint on the brush.        

 stenciled-bunny pillow

I stenciled using the tapping method to apply the paint rather than a swirling motion because I wanted the colors to look like they were blending into the next. 

To achieve this look, I painted the part of the circle around the edges of where I wanted that color to stop. Then, with the next color, I filled in the rest of the circle and allowed the different colors to overlap.              

Once I was finished with the paint, I went back in with the previous color and added a few additional taps to random circles to help the colors blend.


When you are happy with the look of your pillow case, starting with a corner, carefully peel the stencil and lift it off the fabric.


And there you have it! A fun, easy project that will add some Easter cheer and a bit of warmth to your décor.


Happy Stenciling- Becca & iStencils