With a plain tin bucket, an iStencil and a little paint you can create  a cute decoration or gift holder in minutes! Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to let your loved one how you feel.


Before you begin stenciling, you first want to gather and set up all of the necessary supplies.




Start by spraying the back of the iStencil with the repositionable spray adhesive. This temporary spray will make the back of the stencil tacky enough to stay in place while we are stenciling. Be sure to wait a few minutes to allow the adhesion to somewhat dry and form a gummy substance. Otherwise, the adhesion will leave a residue on the surface (especially on a smooth surface such as the tin bucket).


Once the stencil is tacky enough, apply the stencil in the exact position on your surface. With curved surfaces (like a bucket), you may need to give extra attention to the smaller detailed portions of the stencil. Now that the stencil is applied, you may begin to paint over your stencil!




As you can see, when it comes to stenciling, a small amount of paint goes a long way. Using the dry brush and the stippling techniques together is the best procedure for this project. The easiest way to do this would be to apply a small amount of paint to your stencil brush, and then wipe any excess paint off on a paper towel. Don’t be afraid to move the paint around on your palette beforehand to achieve the minimum possible amount needed. When it is time to begin applying the paint onto your stencil, administer the paint in multiple coats by using an up and down motion with your stencil brush.


Once your stencil is completely covered in paint, with your desired amount of paint coats applied, let the paint dry almost entirely before carefully removing your stencil from your surface. With a smooth surface, you may find that the spray adhesive has left a residue. You can easily remedy this situation by breaking a q-tip in half and using the rigid side with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the mishaps.


There you have it! Once your Bucket of Love is complete, you can fill it with candies, flowers, etc. to create an adorable Valentine's Day gift for your loved one!



Happy Stenciling-iStencils


Notice to our talented customers:

Send us a picture of your completed iStencil project and we will send you a $10.00 iStencils gift certificate. See Terms & Conditions for details.