Burlap Holiday Gift Bags

Burlap Holiday Gift Bags

Posted by Cheri M. on Nov 23rd 2019

Get creative when wrapping your holiday gifts! These small size burlap tote bags are perfect for gift cards, coffee mugs, ornaments, and much more. For less than $10.00 and ten minutes, you can show off your crafty side this holiday season.




  • Gather your supplies!

burlap-gift-bags-supplies-1     burlap-gift-bags-supplies-2

  • Lay your bag on a flat surface and remove any excess debris by using either a lint roller or painters tape.
  • Tape the stencil in the desired position.


  • Start stenciling!

              Add a bit of paint to your stencil brush and remove any excess by dabbing on a paper towel.

              Apply paint by using an up and down motion.




 **TIP** Do not overload your brush with paint; less is best. This will ensure that you achieve a perfectly crisp stenciled look. You can always add another coat of paint until the desired shade is achieved.



NOTE: iStencil # 55-00006  is a 2 layer stencil. Easily remove the inner stencil by gently pulling or cutting the tabs that attach the layers. Apply the paint to the first layer, wait a few minutes, then lay the second layer down and stencil.


 burlap-gift-bags-2 part-stencil-2




        5. Allow your project to dry and then adorn with bells, ribbon, etc.




happy-holidays-burlap-stenciled-bag    deer-burlap-stenciled-bag    merry-christmas-burlap-stenciled-bag


How do you add a personal touch to your holiday gifts? Tell us in the comments below & send us a picture. We love to see projects from our crafty customers!

Happy Stenciling  -iStencils