Bright Idea: Stencil a Lampshade

Bright Idea: Stencil a Lampshade

Posted by Cheri M. on Nov 23rd 2019

Look around you. Seriously, take your eyes off the screen and look around. Whether it's a throw pillow, coffee mug or kitchen island, you are literally surrounded by items that are crying out, wanting to be more YOU. They want touches of your personality, your vision. You know that you are charismatic, interesting, and stylish. Let it show in your surroundings by giving your home —and in the process, you — some love. We're going to show you how.


For $15.00 and in about 15 minutes you can create the same look for your home.


Check out places like Big Lots, Ocean State Job Lot and your local dollar stores for killer deals.

  • Paper towels and blue painter's tape

Let us start by saying, once you start stenciling your lampshade you will be blown away by how little time this takes & how amazing the results are!

- Grab your handy blue painter's tape. Use a couple of pieces to tape the iStencil onto the lampshade.

- Put very little paint onto your stencil brush. Remember the stenciling rule: The less paint, the better.

- Using an up and down tapping motion to apply the paint.

- Dealer's choice: We preferred to tape our iStencil near the top of the lampshade and paint once all the way around. Doing the bottom half first instead is absolutely fine.


-If you started with the bottom half, reposition your stencil so that you can paint around the top half.

If you chose an iStencil design that ends in R or RS,C your stencil will have registration marks or scribing. Use these marks to line up the design to create a seamless stenciled pattern.

stenciled lampshade-registration mark

- Fill in any nooks and crannies you may have missed with your leftover paint.

You can also paint the top and bottom trimming for a more finished look. Be sure to wait until the paint is dry before taping off.





Sit back and enjoy your upscale $15 lampshade. Someone else might have gone to a department store to spend close to $50 on something similar!



Want help with any of this? Prefer to order your supplies over the phone? Curious about other iStencils that might work well for this project? Always feel free to email us at or give us a call at 603-934-5034.

Prefer to create your own design? Our sister site, Stencils Online, has a top-of-the-line Online Designer where you can easily create and order your own stencils. 

Happy Stenciling! iStencils