Match your tree skirt to your favorite color palette or create a funky personal design with a custom stencil! Sometimes it can be impossible to find a tree skirt that either matches your interior decor or speaks to your personality, so why not make one!





            Choose a tree skirt (or use some fabric material) that has the base color that you would like to work from and start creating! We chose some festive iStencils for this project in the 11” x 11” size to create the design that we painted onto the fabric.


We only used the snowflakes from iStencils design 22-00006 which is fine because we were able to reuse the stencil for our Festive Holiday Canvas craft! Two different crafts with one stencil, how cool is that?! These stencils can be used for so much more than one project or material, the options are almost endless. Keep these tucked away for another craft this season or save them until next year!



We love this quick and easy craft because it can be done in a short amount of time and it can bring the whole look of your tree together!



Happy Stenciling- iStencils