Stencil a 'lil love into your Valentine's Day home décor with this easy project! Create a one of a kind vase that is perfect for flowers, candy, candles, rocks and more.  


Supplies :

- iStencils! Pictured -91-00067 dotted double hearts stencil

- Glass vase/ jar

- Paint (multi-purpose for glass)

- 2” foam roller

- Paper plate | paper towels

- Painters tape

stenciled vase supplies


  • Gather your supplies
  • Clean your glass vase to remove any smudges/debris
  • Attach your stencil in the desired position using painters tape

stenciled vase stencil


***PRO TIP*** Stenciling on a curved surface (like the vase pictured) is much easier using a small foam roller.  This allows you keep the stencil in contact with the object.

  • Add paint to your foam roller and roll a few times on a paper towel to remove any excess paint
  • Apply paint over stencil. Add more paint to your roller as necessary, remembering to remove excess paint.

stenciled vase stenciling

  • Reposition your stencil and repeat the process

stenciled vase stenciling


stenciled vase complete

Allow your project to completely dry before any use and/or follow directions on your paint for painting on glass surfaces.


stenciled vase complete


stenciled vase complete 


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Happy Stenciling -iStencils