Have you been looking for a way to organize all of your loose papers and receipts? With this eye catching organizer you will never have to worry about rummaging through your stack of papers again!

We start off by finding a corkboard that fits our needs; this particular board is 36” wide by 24” tall. We then found a pattern that we really love from our iStencils website selection. We choose the 18" x 18" honeycomb geometric repeating stencil, as this stencil has scribing that allows us to easily align the pattern to flawlessly repeat throughout our project. 




For this project we decided to mix our own paint to create a unique gradient look with a variety of grey colors. We mixed our white acrylic and black acrylic paints together in different ratios to accomplish this look.




After applying paint to our entire cork board we added some organizational aspects to help keep our office clean and tidy! We placed a calendar to mark off important dates, a spot for a supplies list and a wish list, an envelope to hold onto our receipts, and a magnetic strip for our paperclip needs. We also added thumbtacks to a couple of clothespins so that we can hang up inspirational photos or notes!


 stenciled corkboard organiser-supplies


This project is a simple and fun way to keep your home or office organized and stress free all year round! It took us approximately 35 minutes to complete the entire project from start to finish.

 stenciled corkboard organiser-finished-2

What do you use to keep your office/home organized? Tell us in the comments below & send us a picture of how you use your stencils!


Happy Stenciling- iStencils