You may be asking yourself, what is an artist gang? An artist gang is a group of hardcore, fearless artists, working together and love getting their hands dirty.

artist gang definition


From Donna Downey: “ Artist Gang members are a core group of artists that represent our brand. We love to align ourselves with other artists that share our philosophy of being fearless, empowering, and creative. They share ideas by providing fun tutorials and enjoy thinking outside the box. Artists that have a passion for a product and get pure joy in sharing new ways to use it!”


Currently the Artist Gang consists of 7 creative artist: Brian Miller, Cristin Stevenson, Denisa Gryczova, Fiona Paltridge, Nika Rouss, Sylwia Gryczuk and Tanyalee Kahler.

Artist Gang member Brian Miller stencil desings:

 AG-009 tea for two stenciltea-for-two-stencil





Artist Gang member Cristin Stevenson stencil desings:

AG-018 face stencil




Artist Gang member Denisa Gryczova stencil desings:

AG-015 texture stencil


Artist Gang member Fiona Paltridge stencil desings:

AG-005 shapes stencil




Artist Gang member Nika Rouss stencil desings:

AG-021 cat mask stencil




Artist Gang member Sylwia Gryczuk stencil desings:

AG-002 unicorn stencil




Artist Gang member Tanyalee Kahler stencil desings:

AG-007 feathers stencil





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