Then you are going to love iStencils new line of stencils designed by Donna Mibus! Create these fun mid-century modern art coasters to add a lil nostalgia to your décor! Read on for step-by-step instructions to get the same look for your home.



-iStencils! Beehive Lamp Stencil 4003-8 (pictured)

-Cork Trivets - pictured are 7" in diameter

-Stencil brushes or sponges

-Acrylic paint

-Paper plates | paper towels | masking tape

-Pencil or marker | ruler

-Package of small Push-Pin Sawtooth Mounts


1.Gather all your materials.

 MCM-corkboards-supplies-1     MCM-corkboards-supplies-1


 2. Begin by determining placement of the stencil on your trivet so that it is centered.

*Note - Since the lamp cut out is 6 1/2" overall, and the trivet used was 7" in diameter, I determined I needed to position the top edge of the lamp 1/4" from the outer edge of the trivet.  I eyeballed it to be sure it was centered left to right, and then marked my guide holes.


3. Mark the guide holes using a marker or pencil. You will use these marks to line up the various stencil parts. On some surfaces (like cork) marks can be difficult to erase later. In these instances put a small piece of masking tape directly under the guide hole. You can then make your marks on the tape.



4. Tape down the stencil lining up the guide holes of the top portion with the guide marks on the trivet.


5. Get a little paint on the end of the sponge and dab it repeatedly on the paper plate to get the paint evenly distributed and to remove any excess paint. You want the sponge to have very little paint on it.

loading-paint-for stenciling      loading-paint-for stenciling-2

6. Using an up and down motion "pounce" the sponge all over to apply the paint. Apply only a light coat. If a second coat is needed allow to dry a few minutes and then repeat. 

stenciling technique      stenciling technique

7. When the top portion is dry line up the middle portion of the lamp using the guide holes and marks. Tape down the stencil and proceed with applying paint as you did on the top portion. Remember to do several light coats. Repeat the above procedure with the leg portion of the stencil.


 stenciling technique        stenciling technique-mcm

When all is dry, push the sawtooth mounts onto the backs of the trivets and hang them on the wall.


Happy Stenciling! -Donna

DecoArt Americana acrylic paint - colors used in demo were Wasabi Green, Tangelo Orange, Indian Turquoise, Lamp Black and Zinc