Adorn your home with something other than Christmas decorations this holiday season. Often times, Thanksgiving day trimmings are overlooked as there isn’t much of a selection. However, with a few quick and easy steps, everyone at your dinner table will be admiring your adorable and festive creation.  


The first step toward creating this thankful shadow box by choosing from one of our thousands of awesome iStencils. The stencil we chose to use in our project was iStencil Product #22-00126 in the 8” x 8” size. We cut it down to fit within the desired area of our shadow box, and began stenciling!


Friendly Pro Tip! - When painting on shadow boxes, there is no need to purchase special glass paint. As you can see in our video example, we used about three to four coats of paint. The paint stayed on the glass and came out ten times more vibrant than if we used paint adhesion or glass paint.


Once we achieved our desired shade of paint, we decided to add a bit of color by sprinkling glitter onto certain areas of our iStencil Design. We taped off the parts in the stencil in which we didn’t want to add glitter, and used regular paint brushes to coax the glitter in spots that we did.

 give thanks stenciled shadow box image  give thanks stenciled shadow box image

Once the entirety of the paint finished drying, we turned over the shadow box to add some festive artificial flowers and leaves to make the painted stencil pop out against the black. Voila! There you have it! This project took all of about 20 minutes to complete, and will be displayed on our Thanksgiving table for years to come.


Happy Stenciling- iStencils