The listed sizes on an iStencils refers to the template size (the overall size of the plastic stencil). The image size is slightly smaller than the template size.

Here is an example of a 5” x 5” iStensil. As you can see, the widest point of the image size is 4.5”.

This chart shows the template size vs. image size for all iStencils size options.


Template Size

Image Size

5 x 5”

4.5” at widest point*

8 x 8”

6.5” at widest point*

11 x 11’’

9.5” at widest point*

18 x 18’’

16” at widest point*

24 x 24”

22” at widest point*

30 x 30”

28” at widest point*

36 x 36”

34” at widest point*


*The widest point on a particular stencil may be horizontal or vertical dependent upon the design.